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27 August 2018
MOA Signing Ceremony between Makro (Cambodia) Company Limited and the Faculty of Development Studies, Royal University of Phnom Penh, under “Retail Management Academic Program.”

Makro is member based wholesales center. Our customers are Food Retailer, Hotel, Restaurant, Catering, and other service providers. Makro has both quality local and import products in groceries, fresh food, and non food, so that customer can resell and make profit for their business.

In order to ensure overall satisfaction with our products and services, Makro Cambodia plays a prominent role in enhancing competitiveness of entrepreneur by establishing the Makro Retailer Alliance (MRA) Center at Makro Cambodia. The center provides activities such as workshop on retail store development, store style and format, and training by highly experienced experts for member retailers, product selection, product sorting and display, and retail management for highest potential sales and profit, and etc.

Apart from retail business development for member Food Retailers, Makro also provides CSR activities that puts focus on FR knowledge sharing and training to student, university staffs, and government officers. The purpose of the project is to build the professional theory and practice in retail management to trainees involving in small retail business in Cambodia. Makro hopes to generate even more competent and profound younger generation by sharing our expertise in modern retail industry.

In the meanwhile, Makro is excited to announce that our first partnered university for MRA Program is the Faculty of Development Studies of Royal University of Phnom Penh (RUPP).

9th August, Makro just launched the first Food Retail knowledge sharing and training with the university. There was a total of 27 students attending this initial step. Trainees are students of 4th year, and taking courses in Faculty of Development Studies at RUPP.

This program is divided into 5 main sessions. Both indoor and outdoor activities are included. Therefore, students will be well equipped with both theoretical and real practice, and well assured that they can use the knowledge to apply in real life after the program finished. These knowledge will be very helpful for those who want to understand in depth about retail business, plan to run new business, upgrade the store and business management, and improve their parents’ business.

Lastly, Makro welcomes all institutions, such as university and government institution, who are interested in joining this project. Please feel free to let us know if we can be of any support. We can discuss about cooperation in any mean best for all.

Makro, your trusted partner.